Learn. Trade. Profit.
The No Luck Required Guide to Trading

Michael Martin has been a successful trader for 25 years and was ranked #1 in 2004. It was not an easy endeavor.

But he had world-class teachers and mentors along the way...

This book explains how he did it, and how you can too

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You’ll Learn:

  • Why you are your system. Your emotions run your life and that includes trading. How can you make friends with your feelings?
  • How you can learn to build your own system – even for stocks! – and follow rules that are meant for you.
  • What are you trading for? Intentions equal results, and those results might not be trading profits. 
  • Why you'll consistently lose daytrading ... and why that won't ever change. 
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  • In The Inner Voice of Trading, Michael Martin recounts his own quest to become a successful trader, illuminating his journey with engaging trading episodes. Join Martin at his trading desk as he provides important insights into the art and science of balancing thoughts and feelings—and catching the big one.

    Ed Seykota

  • The Inner Voice of Trading provides insights that may help both discretionary and systematic traders adhere to their extensively researched and tested trading programs and be better insulated from their occasional emotional (fear, greed, pride, and so on) temptations to deviate into uncharted waters.”

    Bill Dunn

    DUNN Capital Management
  • Some people trade and either don’t or can’t teach; some people teach and have never traded; Michael Martin can teach extremely well and is an experienced trader. This rare combo is a necessity to those who want to succeed in the markets. Read and learn."


    Victor Sperandeo

    Alpha Financial Technologies
  • The value of this book is its clarity and honesty. It's not an ABC of what to do, it's an expertly-crafted vision of what to be. Someone who wants an ABC has already missed the point. The author tells you how to listen to your inner voice, he's not selling a transcript of what your inner voice says.”


    Aaron Brown

    Chief Risk Manager
  • Michael Martin's insightful book demonstrates that there are no shortcuts to taking money out of the markets. As someone who has not gone a day in over thirty years  without reflecting on a position, market or mistake, I strongly recommend The Inner Voice of Trading. Highlight the book, its humble message of hard work and determination isn't new but one I often need to be reminded. 

    Peter Borish

    Quad Advisors

Michael Martin

About the Author

Michael Martin learned the craft of trading from the best traders in the world.

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Anyone can learn trading, but not everyone can be a trader. 

You have to want to take good risks.

You have to learn the things that you can't learn on your own.

I've been lucky to learn from the best traders of our time. 

If you want to learn from the best, as I have, check out the course I'm teaching with Peter Borish by clicking the link below.